Secrets and children

3 05 2009

Damien and I went to Tristan’s today. Everything started out pretty calmly, but like it always does, chaos ensued shortly after our arrival. Liam came home with his blood reeking of heroin and that shocked us all because he’s usally a pretty straight-and-narrow kind of kid – if you look past the piercings and the attitude. Katya is still doing crazy experiments on her plants. I wonder if Tristan will ever let her use the lab?

Well, anyways, Tristan was livid with Liam – who was too stoned to really care at the time – and somehow everthing got turned to Serena. For whatever reason, Tristan was mad at her and then Mia got upset and suddenly I’m finding myself outside with Damien trying to calm her down. She must’ve let Damien into her mind because Damien nearly went unconscious with the emotional stress she must’ve been feeling. It took a while and a lot of talking on Tristan’s part to finally calm her down and even longer for Damien to recover.

When Damien was well enough to walk, we ventured to find Tristan again after he had headed for the lab. We found him in the hallway and we – er, Damien – asked Tristan to make the elixir that would enable us to have a child. It doesn’t even bother me now to say that; it was weird at first because I had never pictured myself as a parent. Tristan had to explain a few things (the latter of which, I was very embarrassed about) and then we were told that Artemis and Omari would also be having a child.

I’ll have to congratulate them once I find them. I can’t even imagine what would happen if Artemis and I were pregnant at the same time. It’s a frightening thought.





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