So, this is me; Alyssa Morgan. I’m physically 15 years old and will forever be this age since, well, I’m a vampire. In actuality, I’m 28 years old. There’s really not much to say about me, except for the fact that I’m rather impatient and stubborn. But, that’s why I have Damien. He keeps me sane – for the most part. 😛 I have the special ability of ‘sonic screaming’ which means I can totally bust ears and breach the sound barrier.




My Husbandbilvybilvybilvy1

This is Damien, my husband (major duh); also known as panda-vamp, but don’t tell him I told you that. 😀 We’ve been together for thirteen years, and married for a few months now. Fun times. He’s definitely more patient than I am, which is probably a good thing.  His ability is teleportation and – though we’re not really sure it’s an ability since it’s been happening since he was a kid- he can see ghosts. Damien might make a few comments on my blog. He doesn’t have much time for a blog of his own, so I’m letting him share mine. Tee hee.

[Alyssa and Damien Morgan are fictional characters meant to be roleplayed in this forum. Nothing in this blog is to be taken seriously.]


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