Eris’ Twilight Roleplay

Set in Forks, Washington; the Night Coven resides just two miles from the Cullen’s house in their own home called the Night house (named after the dearly deceased Nikko Night). In a coven of over fifty vampires, it is only expected that every day is filled with fun and chaos. There is never a dull moment at the Night house!

Divi’s Twilight Roleplay (2 in 1)

Set thirteen years after Eris’ Twilight Roleplay, a group of vampires live in (or are visiting) the house of Tristan Kentarou in Michigan. Several of the original Night coven members, along with many others, have suffered through such a complex series of chaos, plot twists and emotional torture that this roleplay is likely to give headaches to anyone who hasn’t been present since the beginning.

Separate from the roleplay above this, and set about five years after Eris’ twilight roleplay, another group of vampires live in Forks, Washington. This includes several members of the Night coven, and a few new faces. Most of them live at (or are visiting) Criss and Eva’s house, with the exception of their vampire neighbours.

Volterra: Fae’s Twilight Roleplay

Somewhere in Italy lies Volterra, home of the Volturi. Aro, Caius, Marcus and their guard reside within their very own castle, while they deal with troubles  caused by rebelling vampires, such as immortal children and armies of newborn vampires.

Perplexed Universe

The name says it all. This is the only roleplay of the group that is not set in the Twilight universe. In fact, it is set in a universe all of its own, where all manner of creatures exist. Not only are there all sorts of mythical creatures, but this roleplay gives the roleplayers an opportunity to roleplay themselves if they wish. ^.^


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